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shooting process


Photo shooting

Arriving at our studio

you first go to the dressing room.

Together we will look at the outfits you have brought with you and discuss the styling.

You can style yourself or book one of our make up artists to assist you.

Not everyone immediately feels comfortable in front of the camera, so we try to warm up first.

A relaxed and stress-free atmosphere

is very important for this.


Preliminary talk

During our phone call we will discuss your ideas regarding the photos

(Type of photo shoot, background, styling,..) and date and time.

Sample images are also welcome if you already have concrete ideas.

You are welcome to email them to us in advance.


Selection & delivery

After the shoot we get to

the photo selection.

Once we have found your favourites, we will discuss whether a retouch is required or not.

Small "blemishes" can be repaired on site.

Once you're happy with how the photos turned out, we will transfer them

onto your USB stick

or send them to you via email.

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