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The key to onpoint event photography is to catch unique, one of a kind moments.

Be it classic business events, world premieres, product launches or fairs and exhibitions, we are your best choice.

Event photography in particular requires a lot of experience, professional knowledge and the use of high-quality and creative technology.

We strive to capture all the highlights and the atmosphere in an authentic and visually pleasant way.

We deliver high quality content for all your company needs, be it public relations, internal magazines, newsletters or your latest press release.

Our work also adds additional value to your company website and/or social media account.


The process

How it works:

In a briefing session, either online or in person, you tell us exactly what you want us to focus on:
The atmosphere, the lectures, speeches and panels, the networking during coffee breaks, engagement of participants of the workshops and whatever else is important to you and your company.

For us, to be able to capture every important aspect of your event, it is crucial to have an agenda as detailed as possible.



30 minutes prior to the start of your event we will arrive to have enough preparation time and talk to our contact on location and to get information about possible changes in agenda.


Usually 2-5 days after the event took place unless we agreed on a different delivery date beforehand.
We can hand over some shots on location for social media or press releases, in case they urgently needed.


contact us

Thanks for reaching out!


Frequently asked questions

Do we need a second photographer?

Some Jobs require more than one professional in case they have a lot of simultaneous events happening.
Luckily, that’s no problem for us since we are a big team of experienced photographers.

How many photos do we get?

We can’t promise a set amount of photos.
It relies mainly on your agenda, the amount of participants and many other factors.
You can count with about 50 final photos per hour on average.
In the end, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

When do we get the photos?

Data transfer, selecting and editing takes us about 2-5 days, depending on our work schedule and the quantity of your content.
In case you need express delivery, for sure we can find a solution for you.

How do we get the photos?

You will get a link per mail that leads you to our online gallery (password secured).
There, you will find our selection of the best shots from your event, both in web and print quality.
You can share the link with your colleagues and partners easily.
The gallery offers you tools to make your own selection and download each selection separately.

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